Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 4

So today my Dad saw about 50 patients! Mom and I shopped till we dropped! We bought tons of souvenirs- beautiful bracelets, woven baskets, etc. Kathy Hichborn (<3 her!!), Prince Rukidi (RAFA!!), my Mom(<3), and I drove 25 km to see the Chimpanzee Forest. I drove half way there!! (No, I did not hit anything or crash into anything) The drivers side is on the left and so is the driving lane! It was a small country road going through small villages and tea plantations. The drive was gorgeous and I was in love!!!! After seeing about 3 monkeys, we headed back! We visited an Indian family at their hardware store- typical Indians (first class, first class)! After Dad finished his work, we went to a clinic which will be opening shortly. The clinic was a 10 room building that holds either single or double beds in each room. The kitchen consisted of a small coal stove in the back. After visiting the clinic, we went back to the Arche International Research Center where Prince and Kathy awarded my parents and I with Certificates of Honor! Then we went out for Indian dinner at a place called Chap Chap! We enjoyed the evening and retured back to the hotel. I fell asleep at 9:30! Today was a lot of fun! I loved driving here :)
Tomorrow we leave Fort Portal =( We're going to be staying in Kampala for a night and then Friday we leave for Dubai!

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