Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 5

Today we went for some more shopping and then at 2:15, we took off for our four drive back to Kampala! Thanks to Primce Rukidi for driving us going and back the 300 km!! I finished my English homework (which took me three and a half hours to do because the scenery was so beautiful) I ate roasted hot bananas, and I was able to think of new ideas to help more in Uganda. We reached our gorgeous hotel at 6:30 and I took a nap! Then, we went out for a buffet dinner (yummy!!!) and now we're back in the room watching world news. I already miss Fort Portal so much!!! The minute I saw the sun shine out onto the luscious fields I was in awe! It was so gorgeous and when we drove to see the chimpanzees, I didn't take my eyes off the landscapes! I loved it so much and I wish I could stay there longer and help out more! The weather in Fort Portal is perfect- not too cold, not too hot, rains, and then sunshine. The town is surrounded by acres of tea plantations, rolling hills, and mountains. The people were so sweet and caring! When we would drive by people, I would smile and wave and they would return the gesture with an even bigger smile and wave! Most people in town was so stylish, I felt out of place with my rolled up jeans, Toms, and old t-shirts! The uniforms for the children were so cute!!! The little children were so cute and friendly. I wish that I could've spent more time at the orphanage. Maybe next time I can help out there! =) So tomorrow is our last day in Uganda, Africa =( and we leave for Dubai. Then we connect from Washington to LAX reaching OC mid morning! I want to stay here so badly but leaving just gives me more opportunities to raise funds for the clinics and orphans! I cannot wait to come back! Fingers crossed and God willing my parents and I will be able to return to do more volunteer work! =)

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