Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 3

Day 3: I woke up at 5 am! I was able to chat with some friends, catch up on blogging, and do some homework! We visited the Ugandan Government Hospital, where their resources and staff were scarce and their patients were in abundance. My dad saw and treated over 100 patients in the outpatient free clinic! (truly an A++++ person!!!) My mom and I went to the research center where I taught about twelve people how to use Microsoft Word & PowerPoint! After lunch, we went back and I taught them how to type on the keyboards! It was their first time and it was my pleasure for them to use the computers that we raised money for, and for me to teach them how to use it! I loved helping them!! After taking a nap, we visited the Prince's cousin, who had Meningitis, which handicapped her, and HIV/AIDS. She lived in a little shack with no electricity or clean water. She wasn't able to walk by herself and had a scarce amount of resources. She was the sweetest person! She was a true hero and I commend her for not complaining and taking care of her two children and one grandchild. 
After the visit, we went out for dinner with some doctors and an official. It was so much fun!! 

Well, these are just some pictures from day 2! Like I said, the orphanage has changed my point of view in life and has really changed me. These kids were some of the most loving people I have ever met. I loved each and every one of them!

 This is a picture of the surgery center in the government office of Fort Portal. Look at this picture, and then look up a picture of a surgery room in America. See the difference? Well, this is what a surgery room looked like about 30 years ago in America. The people here need better! I know that there are other countries that have the same, or maybe worse conditions, but we can only change the world one place at a time, right? We might as well start out big! These hospitals need our help. The people need our help!
This place was not like our hospitals- in fact, our hospitals are like 7 star hotels compared to these. They have 19 doctors and about 750 patients average per day. They have one X-ray machine, one ultrasound machine, two surgery rooms, and one outpatient clinic.

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