Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home- Things NEED to change

So back home, I love everyone, but it bugs me how people bring so much food into their lives and waste half of it. I tried talking to some people, telling them that they don't know how fortunate they are, to eat such bountiful meals and that they shouldn't waste. If they don't want to eat it, then simply keep it so that you can eat it later. Do NOT throw it away. Then, instead of saying "okay that's an idea to consider," they say, "why are you so weird? If I don't want to eat it then I throw it away. I probably won't want to eat it later." I might be a hyprocrite, but I try my best to keep the food I don't want to eat so that I can eat it later. People in this country are so shielded. They have never seen what types of poverty there is in this world. That isn't their fault, and I'm not forcing them to visit a third world country, but I just wish that people could value food, health, and the lives that they have. We are just wasting the world's natural resources and taking more than we need. I am ashamed of the people that throw away their food because they aren't hungry or they don't like the taste of it. If you don't like it, then why buy it?! Anyways, that's the end of my rant, but I would just like to emphasize once more that food should not be wasted and we should be happy for the things we have in our lives, because people in other countries don't have the same privileges we have. That is all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Post Africa

I haven't updated in a couple days! Well it was a over thirty hour trip back home to the OC. My Aunt and Uncle picked us up from LAX on Sunday around noon. I was able to stay awake the whole day! The next day I went back to school and made it through the school day, but I slept from 5p.m. till 6:30 the next morning! I still have jet lag, but it isn't too bad. =)
I'm so grateful to have had an opportunity to visit Africa and help out there. I'm so lucky! I cannot wait to go back there!!! Hopefully we'll return soon! I love my parents so much!
If anyone is interested in helping out or donating, please comment on this post or contact me! Thanks for reading!<3

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 6- Last Day

Today we leave for Dubai. I'm going to miss this place and the people!! I'm so sad to leave, but hopefully we'll be back soon!
Future Dr. Nina Kar! =)
This morning Mom, Dad, and I went for a buffet breakfast- SO good!!!! After, Prince, Irene, and Remy drove my Mom and me around Kampala for an hour! It was a lot of fun and it's interesting to see how the big city is similar and different than Fort Portal. Well we're about to leave for the airport. I'll be back!!! <3

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 5

Today we went for some more shopping and then at 2:15, we took off for our four drive back to Kampala! Thanks to Primce Rukidi for driving us going and back the 300 km!! I finished my English homework (which took me three and a half hours to do because the scenery was so beautiful) I ate roasted hot bananas, and I was able to think of new ideas to help more in Uganda. We reached our gorgeous hotel at 6:30 and I took a nap! Then, we went out for a buffet dinner (yummy!!!) and now we're back in the room watching world news. I already miss Fort Portal so much!!! The minute I saw the sun shine out onto the luscious fields I was in awe! It was so gorgeous and when we drove to see the chimpanzees, I didn't take my eyes off the landscapes! I loved it so much and I wish I could stay there longer and help out more! The weather in Fort Portal is perfect- not too cold, not too hot, rains, and then sunshine. The town is surrounded by acres of tea plantations, rolling hills, and mountains. The people were so sweet and caring! When we would drive by people, I would smile and wave and they would return the gesture with an even bigger smile and wave! Most people in town was so stylish, I felt out of place with my rolled up jeans, Toms, and old t-shirts! The uniforms for the children were so cute!!! The little children were so cute and friendly. I wish that I could've spent more time at the orphanage. Maybe next time I can help out there! =) So tomorrow is our last day in Uganda, Africa =( and we leave for Dubai. Then we connect from Washington to LAX reaching OC mid morning! I want to stay here so badly but leaving just gives me more opportunities to raise funds for the clinics and orphans! I cannot wait to come back! Fingers crossed and God willing my parents and I will be able to return to do more volunteer work! =)

Day 4

So today my Dad saw about 50 patients! Mom and I shopped till we dropped! We bought tons of souvenirs- beautiful bracelets, woven baskets, etc. Kathy Hichborn (<3 her!!), Prince Rukidi (RAFA!!), my Mom(<3), and I drove 25 km to see the Chimpanzee Forest. I drove half way there!! (No, I did not hit anything or crash into anything) The drivers side is on the left and so is the driving lane! It was a small country road going through small villages and tea plantations. The drive was gorgeous and I was in love!!!! After seeing about 3 monkeys, we headed back! We visited an Indian family at their hardware store- typical Indians (first class, first class)! After Dad finished his work, we went to a clinic which will be opening shortly. The clinic was a 10 room building that holds either single or double beds in each room. The kitchen consisted of a small coal stove in the back. After visiting the clinic, we went back to the Arche International Research Center where Prince and Kathy awarded my parents and I with Certificates of Honor! Then we went out for Indian dinner at a place called Chap Chap! We enjoyed the evening and retured back to the hotel. I fell asleep at 9:30! Today was a lot of fun! I loved driving here :)
Tomorrow we leave Fort Portal =( We're going to be staying in Kampala for a night and then Friday we leave for Dubai!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 3

Day 3: I woke up at 5 am! I was able to chat with some friends, catch up on blogging, and do some homework! We visited the Ugandan Government Hospital, where their resources and staff were scarce and their patients were in abundance. My dad saw and treated over 100 patients in the outpatient free clinic! (truly an A++++ person!!!) My mom and I went to the research center where I taught about twelve people how to use Microsoft Word & PowerPoint! After lunch, we went back and I taught them how to type on the keyboards! It was their first time and it was my pleasure for them to use the computers that we raised money for, and for me to teach them how to use it! I loved helping them!! After taking a nap, we visited the Prince's cousin, who had Meningitis, which handicapped her, and HIV/AIDS. She lived in a little shack with no electricity or clean water. She wasn't able to walk by herself and had a scarce amount of resources. She was the sweetest person! She was a true hero and I commend her for not complaining and taking care of her two children and one grandchild. 
After the visit, we went out for dinner with some doctors and an official. It was so much fun!! 

Well, these are just some pictures from day 2! Like I said, the orphanage has changed my point of view in life and has really changed me. These kids were some of the most loving people I have ever met. I loved each and every one of them!

 This is a picture of the surgery center in the government office of Fort Portal. Look at this picture, and then look up a picture of a surgery room in America. See the difference? Well, this is what a surgery room looked like about 30 years ago in America. The people here need better! I know that there are other countries that have the same, or maybe worse conditions, but we can only change the world one place at a time, right? We might as well start out big! These hospitals need our help. The people need our help!
This place was not like our hospitals- in fact, our hospitals are like 7 star hotels compared to these. They have 19 doctors and about 750 patients average per day. They have one X-ray machine, one ultrasound machine, two surgery rooms, and one outpatient clinic.