Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Post!

First time bloggingggg! I'm going to try and blog every night about my trip and what's goes on everyday.

I, Nina Kar, will be traveling to Fort Portal, Uganda with my parents. We will be doing a mission trip there: my mom and I will be teaching the people how to use computers (which was bought for them after my family and I raised $$$) and my dad will be teaching doctors special procedures in surgery and will also be helping out in some medical camps! Apparently, we will be meeting one of the Princes of Uganda!!! (I see an opening door to meeting Prince Harry ;) - just call me Princess Nina from now on!)

For all of those who have heard about Kony- I will bring back the REAL scoop on whats the haps with that. Don't worry, I will not spare deets!!

It's probably time for me to really pack and do some homework!

If you want to keep up with my whereabouts and what's going on, this will probably be the place to go! I'll miss you all!

Everyone, have a very nice spring break and a very very very Happy Easter! <3

Ps- If you'd like to see the organization I'm going under, here's the link-

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