Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 2

My life has forever been changed by this one day. In the morning, my Dad gave a lecture to fellow doctors and nurses about Urology, and my mom and I went to the Arche International Research Center. With all the money that we raised, we were able to buy computers to fill the center. I taught two sessions, but unfortunately, the power and internet went out during both of them! =( The people I taught were some of the nicest people I have ever met! They were so real, funny, and sweet! (If you are one of those people, I just want to thank you for teaching me so many things!!) Although we couldn't work on the computers, we played around with my school iPad, listened, to music, and ate chocolate! It was so much fun! =) After my second session, we went to the orphanage down the road from the center. (I was bitten like 8 times by mosquitoes =/) It was called Toro Babies Home. We donated rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil, etc. They are supposed to house children aged 0-3, but they have made exceptions for some. My heart broke when I saw the 46 children. They were all so beautiful and loving!! We passed out chocolate to them (it was their first time trying it!). Some of the babies ate one chocolate for like ten minutes because they couldn't chew it- cutest thing!!! Each baby had a different personality- one sang random beats, one liked to hug everyone, one wanted attention, one sat on the side sullen, and several wanted hugs. They would hold my hand and walk with me. All together they sang "Happy Birthday"!! They all held onto each other and loved one another. I couldn't stop myself from crying (as you might see in the pictures) and I just wanted to take them all home! They were the cutest babies and they all just wanted love. Luckily, the women that take care of them are also sweet and loving. The Ugandan adults and children have forever changed my perception on life- I value my parents, life, family, and friends so much more; I see that in life, we take so much for granted, when the people who are less privileged value the smallest things. Everyone here jumped to get the chocolate, when we will throw an M&M because it fell on the ground for 0.2 seconds. They value everything in life. I think as a society, as God's children, and as humans, we should give back to the people who are less fortunate than us. Even making a small donation to a foundation can help someone in need.
I'm already 150% sure I'm coming back- I want to make it an annual trip!
Well I'm drained, so I'll post tomorrow!<3

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